Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quality policing...

I don't think anything could have been more depressing than when this article appeared in the trashy Mail newspapers:

It claimed that Wiltshire Commander Mike Veale whose force is looking into the ludicrous claims about former PM Ted Heath had made this statement.

After a firestorm of media scrutiny Veale was soon defending himself and issued a statement but the very obliqueness of that statement shows Veale disingenuously trying to claim a high moral policing ground while deftly failing to deny he had made the original statement to a third party.

In Veale's twitter feed he soon attracted 'Satan hunters' posting images and links to the Hampstead satanic hoax. The images were banned by a UK High Court after a sensational court case.

My tweets to Veale to draw his attention to the posts drew a quick response : he accused me of 'harassment' and 'borderline libel". Having no idea what "borderline libel" could possibly mean (it either is or isn't libel-no middle ground) I sent him my UK solicitor's contact details and said in the meantime I would contact the proper authorities about him allowing a breach of UK High Court injunction to appear in his timeline.
It still took nearly 2 weeks for the images to be removed.

There appears to be a section of the British police who are extreme 'Christians' who also believe in the existence of Satanic pedophile abuse rings despite there never having been a case appear in the courts.
Mike Veale breathed new life into the ridiculous Heath claims and the odd statement he finally issued where he claimed police do not judge anyone before guilt was established in court almost went out of it's way not to deny the Mail story as presented was a misquote.

The Heath investigations have to date cost over £1Million. One of the falsely accused, Lord Bramall is top receive an agreed  £200,000 compensation settlement. His legal fees are estimated to be around £65,000 are to be paid by The Met.
Former politician Harvey Proctor whose life was torn apart in the same dodgy investigation, who lost his job and home is also suing the police. I expect his settlement will be far greater than Bramalls and at least £1Million.
BBC DJ Paul Gambacccini and pop star  Cliff Richard are both suing for £Millions. Hard to estimate how much they will receive in the inevitable settlements that will prevent the cases being heard in an open court.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Websites that are being used to raise funds for various activities and the promotion of inventions or to finance new enterprises are now being used to finance attempts to break criminal law.

One such site is GENEROSITY which is owned by the successful Indiegogo fundraiser site.

There is a campaign on GENEROSITY asking for money to help "free the HAMPSTEAD TWO". This refers to the fake "satanic' ritual claim that tore apart the North London suburb when two people, Ella Draper and her partner,  Abraham Christie a many times convicted criminal, tortured Draper's two children into claiming they and other children at a Hampstead school were being repeatedly raped by dozens of pedophiles every Wednesday in satanic rituals. They claimed babies were brought in from all over the world to be ritually sacrificed by parents and the children themselves. The 2 children in question claimed they then "danced" around secret rooms in the school wearing the skulls of murdered babies.

When police interviewed the two children they found no evidence of abuse including the secret rooms and tunnels the children had described in a church and school. One child later said he got the idea of the secret rooms from the Zorro movie. Police concluded changing cubicles in a local swimming pool could not possibly have fitted in dozens of rapists as the children claimed they had when the kids said the 'satanists' met on a regular basis at the pool to repeatedly rape the 2 children in the cubicle. Both children retracted their claims and said Christie had tortured them while on holiday in Morocco by hitting them over the head with heated spoons, slapping their faces and threatening to bury them in the sand while Christie made the pair rehearse the false claims which he filmed over several weeks. The videos produced by Christie were then illegally leaked on Youtube. Several of Draper & Christie's associates who aided in the promotion of the claims have been arrested and an American will face a London court in late March on harassment charges.

The children were taken in by social services and went to live with foster parents but are now believed to live with their father Ricky Dearman,

In a UK High Court judgement a judge castigated Draper and Christie for their criminal actions. Both fled to Spain and are wanted by British police,

But now GENEROSITY and it's parent company INDIEGOGO are not only allowing the pair to raise funds to kidnap these children (plans were circulating on Facebook at one stage) they are in clear breach not only of their own rules but are breaching UK laws by identifying child victims of abuse.

# After the scandal of FAKE NEWS and the ludicrous @pizzagate sensation which saw an armed man fire a gun in the Washington pizza restaurant after reading various conspiracy websites, the owners of websites like FACEBOOK and GENEROSITY promised to crack down on these dangerous fanatics who use the websites to fan hate. Just when will they begin to act? Before it's too late? 


COMING : The strange case of the WILTSHIRE police commander who made sensational but unproved claims about former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath and who has allowed child assault victims to be illegally identified.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

USA 2017

Above is the odious but undoubtedly one of the smarter propaganda experts of the last 100 years Josef Goebbels and the Nazi official newspaper Der Sturmer which you can see was required light reading of the day.
 The Nazis & the Brownshirts specialised in intimidating journalists who asked tricky questions.

Below are 2 videos.
 One is a French reporter Paul Larrouturou from QOffical asking far right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen a difficult question.

The other is US president Donald Trump during the 2015 campaign trail  telling journalist Jorge Ranos from Fusion's America to go and sit down when he asked a question about deportations.
. Both get similar treatment.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Loon Watch No1

A new series where I bring some of the more bizarre offerings on the internet.

# after a 6 week temporary job leading up to Christmas 2016 - yes even at 71 years of age it is still possible to get work - and a holiday at the beautiful Victorian resort of Sorrento (courtesy of a friend who has rented a cottage there for 6 months as I couldn't possibly afford the place)..I'm back on deck & raring to go.

We now live in, as the Chinese quote says, Interesting Times. The election of Donald Trump will test us all.
i recall that over 20 years ago I had correspondence with investigating professionals in New York state. They were trying to get information in the UK on some business associates of Trump's. At the time I knew little about the man but over the months a picture built up of a rapacious "businessman" who was absolutely loathed by the ethical New York business establishment. And not because he was some sort of brilliant creator of wealth, far from it : as pointed out many times if Donald Trump had invested the $US20M plus fortune inherited from his father in safe stock market bonds and shares or left a substantial amount in bank deposit accounts, that money would be worth around $1.4Billion today.

Tip : when someone is so anxious not to release their financial details as in Trump's tax returns there is one reason only : Donald Trump's wealth is a fraction of what he claims it is.

Here is a right-wing "Christian" website that infers the rise of Donald Trump is akin to the Second Coming. (others may say he is the Anti-Christ)

A Major Prophetic Sign Appeared the Moment Donald Trump Stepped to the Inauguration Platform

Monday, December 12, 2016

Pizza with the lot

The sensation known as @pizzagate has got the hysterics in a tizz. Those who think the world is controlled by a Satanist Cult obsessed with pedophilia funded by the hapless Rothschild family have seized upon a ridiculous non-story that claims dozens of kids are kidnapped and transported to the White House via underground tunnels from a pizza house in downtown Washington.

Before the advent of the Internet these crazed lunatics would generally either be out-patients or inmates of various psychiatric hospitals. Now they can meet up via the internet and urge each other on in their fantasies and delusions.

Of course there is a dangerous angle to this : an armed man turned up at the pizza house in question, fired some shots and demanded to view the alleged tunnels when the restaurant was packed with diners and their families. Fortunately it ended peacefully.

That hasn't stopped the so-called "truther" collective of barmy cranks claiming the man in question was a "crisis actor", the new invention of these key board warriors to justify claiming any real incident is in reality a diversion to - well we don't know quite what. They all have their own theories and the idea here is to surf the internet, find the conspiracy you like , join some imaginary dots and weave it all into one great event to demonstrate that the 'elite' (euphemism for Jews funded by George Soros) pull the wool over the eyes of the 'sheeple'- that's you and me.

This is the best explanation so far of how this latest phoney tale got off the ground.

How The Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Behind “Pizzagate” Was Spread 

 The Big Question is : when will these fanatics seize upon the scandal that alleges 100s of children were abused over the decades in Britain's football clubs ? They've been a bit of the mark to date but lets get the clock started NOW. It's 10.40 pm on the 12th December 2016 ..and you heard it hear first !

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Operation Midland

Operation Midland: Police helped Nick claim compensation for false allegations 


The man whose false allegations of VIP sex abuse sparked Scotland Yard’s disastrous Operation Midland inquiry and wrecked the reputations of several prominent figures may have received up to £50,000 in compensation, it has emerged.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

The madness of an Inquiry that will seek answers from the 1950s

The increasingly rocky child abuse inquiry set up by now UK Prime Minister Theresa May seems like a rudderless ship heading for the rocks.

Many of us predicted it would end in failure if for no other reason that so-called and self appointed 'victim advocates' who have a financially partisan reason to seize power within the Inquiry were already jockeying for position from the very first days and fighting with each other.

# one of those high profile 'advocates' openly threatened me with violence should I return to the UK when I incurred his displeasure, egged on by the ridiculous former policeman / chewing gum removalist Mark Williams-Thomas whose displeasure I have also incurred for having the temerity to point out the vast discrepancies in his alleged career, penned in his own statements.

The Mail On Sunday has gone all out today with a number of articles  that are a must read.

# It is now apparent that officers in the Met have finally taken seriously my communications and the evidence I supplied them that some of these claimants are vicious and nasty career criminals and several are themselves convicted pedophiles, one a 3 times convicted blackmailer who apparently found a new source of income whilst in jail after being convicted of a serious sexual assault on a young woman, and who had seen an advertisement from one of the ambulance chasing law firms that have sprung up in the past few years and trawled jails for new clients.

# Likewise The Daily Mirror newspaper finally conceded and agreed after my repeated emails that their source, the fantasist and small time crook Christoper Fay was a fake and liar and should not be trusted. They dropped him while other tabloids immediately picked him up as a source  which was bound to end, and did, in tears.

# Also Missing In Action is Fay's comrade and promoter, another small time crook who had "re-invented" himself as a "film-maker" claiming he has "won awards"- Bill Maloney, known for years in South London as Bill Baloney. Both of these destructive individuals have gone to ground like the cowards they are.
I am still working on a timeline of Baloney Maloney's fantasy film career, aided by film contacts in the UK & USA (naturally who have never heard of him)

None of this means there has not been a history of children being treated badly in the UK over the past 50 years and there must be 1000s of genuine victims of abuse as children in care homes (although the majority of child abuse still happens within the family home)

But spending £100Million raking over the past? What about the 100,000s of children today in Britain who badly need financial support in so ,many ways?

PETER HITCHENS: This farcical witch-hunt will drag British justice back to the Dark Ages


Friday, August 19, 2016

want Justice ? Start your own court

 Yet another new "tribunal" has sprung up (on the internet) and will be holding an event in Melbourne in September. I may even attend this one.

PUBLIC NOTICE: The International Tribunal for Natural Justice [ITNJ] announces its first trial: The matter of National Child Protection Alliance v Commonwealth of Australia is set for trial as follows:
Monday 12 September 2016 to Friday 16 September 2016 (9:30 am to 4:30 pm) at Monash University Law Chambers, Seminar Room 3, Level 2, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Who is behind the "ITNJ" which appears to based in cyberspace although they claim to be located in London. Not the City of London mind you as they point out given bankers are on the nose at the moment.

We decided to look into who comprises the ITNJ and were pleasantly surprised to find that some of the geat legal minds of the planet are involved including: 

Netherlands:  Hans van Poelgeest .. a certified NASM personal trainer and teacher of holistic
wellbeing I have been active in coaching people to a healthy lifestyle for the last 20 years plus.


New ZealandTe Pouwhakataurite (The Female Balance) AKA
Poukaranga, Poukuia (Native Womens’ Priesthood)..Practitioner of Traditional and Customary Protocols of Encounter

Eastern Europe:  Lina Helstein ..I have joined the ITNJ team as the Eastern Europe Chapter Chair after ten years of maturation as a stubborn litigant defending my personal business and property from invasion of newly emerging corporations after the crash of the soviet regime.

Scandinavia: Allan Broch .. Clairvoyant & Spiritual Advisor, NGH Certified Master Hypnotist, Regresions hypnosis therapist
5-PATH® Hypnosis & Hypnoterapist, Energy – AuraMediator  & Shaman Healer 

Alas..there are no representatives in Australia, Canada, United States, the UK , Irekand or the Phillippines.

Apparently the ITNJ held Inauguration Events Held on 14 and 15 June 2015 On 15 June 2015 the Ceremonial Seating of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice took place at Westminster Central Hall, London, England. This historic occasion was announced and celebrated on the evening of 14 June 2015 at Notting Hill, London. The ITNJ Inauguration Celebration was officiated by: ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh ITNJ Law Commissioner Dounne Alexander, MBE FRSA ITNJ Truth & Reconciliation Councillor Revd Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal.

You can read about John Walsh here :  Private prosecution of PM for treason leads to vexatious litigant status

And Bishop Riah here

The ITNJ message to Kevin Annett is :

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another nail in false allegations industry?

Danny Day-destroyer of lives
Just preceding the news that the estate of the late Jimmy Savile..some $6Million which was destined to several charities including building a new hospital unit- is now absorbed by legal fees, there was news of an ex-fireman falsely convicted on the words of one serial liar.
It's the tip of an iceberg:

Sunday, 24 July 2016

This Is What We Offer As British 'Justice'

I have just read about the appalling case of David Bryant, a 66-year-old retired fireman who was falsely accused of historical abuse by some compulsive liar called Danny Day (who has waived his right to anonymity, so I am free to name him). This opportunist is the latest to take advantage of the 'guilty until proven innocent' approach to justice which our once widely respected police force and judiciary have adopted since Jimmy Savile's death.

READ MORE AT THE WARR ZONE written by BBC presenter Simon Warr.

In the UK Daily Mail Dominic Lawson writes on the same travesty.

Hero fireman jailed by a fantasist's lies - and the never-ending farce of this sex abuse witch-hunt  

Above is a photo of the liar "Danny Day". Normally I would be wary of posting any snap of a serial liar except- the public needs to be warned about this false accuser.
NOTE: Day has received upwards of  £50,000 for his lies. This is blatant criminal fraud.
Coming soon : and examination of the sickening Fiona Barnett who thinks nothing of accusing anyone of her ludicrous but upsetting false claims of "Satanic abuse".
Launched on an unsuspecting public by David Donovan of 'Independent Australia"- a website which is contributed to by Labor Party "activist" Peter Wicks who outrageously claimed he hadn't read Barnett's appalling claims but as I discovered, was tweeting links to those claims.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History"

 I have little interest in Michael Jackson dead or alive. Never particularly a fan. What does disturb me is how credible new's services today are completely out of control and just print any old rubbish.

I do however have an almost perfect memory - I've had to in my previous occupation- and I recall the most minute details from court cases.

I know this  : the books the LA police claimed that Michael Jackson had in his possession when they raided his Neverland Ranch in 2007 where a combination of adult pornography and books freely available on Amazon then and today. Jackson was never charged over this material because it was all legal. Make whatever you will about his taste but I cannot stand lies and I certainly cannot abide the frightening dumbed-down media that today simply repeats idle gossip without a scintilla of proof. They repeat it because someone else said it first- this time a revolting online 'newspaper' called Radar.

This is the sort of rubbish now being pedaled by the media: but firstly this is JANET ARVIZO . Remember that name in case you ever come across her and beware. Avizo has been convicted of fraud 7 times and been jailed twice. She has been convicted of perjury and has been proved to be liar in 3 court cases.


 Even in the very first Jackson molestation claims a myth has spread through the media that Jackson paid off his accuser. Jackson had no idea his accuser was being paid- a decision was taken by his insurance company at risk of losing around 30 times in cancelled concert costs than the compensation paid. The deal was done secretly in court which Jackson was not privy to. The Court Agreement was only released after Jackson died.




 The LAPD & The Jackson Family issued a press release today claiming the Radar story was rubbish. Not one newspaper has published it.



 This story published in the Huffington Post in 2011 by respected writer Charles Thompson gives a new perspective on Jackson's 2007 trial in which he was found Not Guilty of all charges. The jury understood the evidence and the lies being told- the media simply stayed away.

One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History

 It was five years ago today that twelve jurors unanimously acquitted Michael Jackson on various charges of child molestation, conspiracy and providing alcohol to a minor. It is difficult to know how history will remember the Michael Jackson trial. Perhaps as the epitome of western celebrity obsession. Perhaps as a 21st century lynching. Personally, I think it will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in journalistic history.

It’s not until you find yourself digging through newspaper archives and re-watching hours of TV coverage that you truly understand the magnitude of the media’s failings. It was industry-wide. No doubt, there were certain reporters and even certain publications and TV stations that overtly favored the prosecution, but many of the media’s shortcomings were institutional. In a media obsessed with soundbites, how to you reduce eight hours of testimony into two sentences and remain accurate? In an era of rolling news and instant blogging, how do you resist the temptation to dash out of the courtroom at the earliest opportunity to break news of the latest salacious allegations, even if it means missing a slice of the day’s testimony?



Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The malleable truth

 Much has been written about the terrible Hillsborough tragedy and the manner in which 96 football fans died and 766 were injured. An inquest has now found that police lied repeatedly about the event blaming everyone else but themselves.
What is remarkable about this shocking fact is that police felt so emboldened to lie about such a visable event were there were 1000s of witnesses including those injured.
History has shown that when British police lie (and they have a history of it) and are discovered to have as in the Birmingham Six case where police may have fabricated evidence that saw 6 men innocently jailed as IRA bombers for years, there are no repercussions. No police officer has ever been charged over such a shocking and successful conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the serious crime of committing perjury in court.

Now recent sex assault cases are in the news and there are rumblings in political circles and among respected journalists that something must change. Despite promises from Prime Minister David Cameron that he would enforce all Lord Leveson's recommendations in full, little has changed. Leveson had found there was an unholy alliance between the media and police.

When music identity Jonathan King was convicted in 2001 of sex offences he became a whipping boy for lurid tabloid headlines. There was a difference though as King said repeatedly he was innocent and he did not simply fade away into obscurity in a manner the media mught have liked. King held his ground , produced films and more records and maintains a popular website King of Hits.

Now the very respected writer Bob Wiffinden has written The Nicholas Cases about ten cases in which he says people were wrongfully convicted. King is one of them.

 Wolfenden provides compelling evidence such as the fact the judge in King's case refused to allow him to present evidence that would have shown he could not possibly have commited one crime as he was in the USA at the time.

King himself has just written an article for Inside Time, the magazine for prisoners and their families and those in the criminal law profession.

Hillsborough exposed a painful truth: THE POLICE DO TELL LIES

Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm baaack

A short spell of employment which at my age is not only a miracle but hopefully an inspiration to the younger generations that you too can be in demand no matter how decrepit you become. I go private at these times.

Coming soon:

 The strange 'anti-troll' blog that trolls a small number of people who all seem to have something in common : they have written unkind things about the great 'Investigative Journalist' (stop laughing in the back row) Mark Williams-Thomas and claims I am not a private eye, just as Mark does. On that point they are correct. I'm not a private eye if they had only bothered to read my limited profile. I haven't been one for now over 20 years. I think some people think a 'private eye' is some
sort of glamorous Magnum PI  type character rather than some grunt doing mostly painfully boring and often unproductive research that can lead no-where.

And the strange case of 'Lady' Leisha Brookes who features in the Dame Janet Smith 'report' about Jimmy Savile & the BBC.

And more on the vicious, cruel and vindictive activities of "satanic abuse victim" Fiona Barnett who even claims President Richard Nixon slipped into Canberra one Saturday morning on Airforce One, unnoticed by the dozens of nearby Embassies and the huge media contingent who live in the ACT - just to abuse her before jetting out again accompanied by the two fighter jets that always fly with the Prez's plane. First foisted of course on the public by the Independent Australia website.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The defeaning silence of false accuser Tim Minchin

Watching the media and social media's adoration of the over-rated 'comedian' Tim Minchin following his hateful ditty accusing Cardinal George Pell of crimes was illuminating if unsavory.

It was a perfect example of the vacuousness of today's media and the general public who scream "how high" when tabloid media says "jump!"

I have written previously of the shocking & undemocratic attacks upon George Pell which included claims he was faking his illness even though the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse accepted his doctor's advice not to travel - his critics ignored the fact that Pell had collapsed twice with severe heart problems after his last 2 long haul flights. This was accompanied by the moronic claims that the fact that he agreed to appear at the Commission via video link, was somehow avoiding appearing at the Royal Commission.

Over 30 witnesses had already appeared at the Royal Commission via video link- the majority of them were child abuse victims.

But the manner in which the media and Minchin and the aging political pundit Mungo Maccallum accused Pell of crimes of which they had zilch proof or evidence was not nearly as bad as the fact that Minchin was raising funds with his sordid song to send a man to confront Cardinal Pell in Rome : a man, David Risedale who had been the main driver of Pell accusations (of which not one has been proved) and who was himself a convicted pedophile.

Not one media outlet bothered to publish this important fact.

I knew, somewhere in Australia David Risedale's victim must be quietly watching the hysteria about George Pell and noting the fact the gormless Tim Minchin was applauding and raising funds for his abuser.

"Surely there must be repercussions", I thought.

And today there are as David Risedale's victim finally speaks up. And other abuse victims and survivors now say they have been mislead by David Risedale saying he played down his crimes to them and mislead them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Billy Bragg : the working man's hero. Or maybe not

As the rape conviction of footballer Ched Evans is overturned it's worth re-visiting the controversy over whether he should be able to return to his former occupation.

Ched Evans is now an innocent man and innocent of rape. He may be retried. But when I and many others said that after he left jail he should be able to resume his football career all hell broke loose.  One who decided he had the right to proclaim what career Ched Evans should or shouldn't do was the "left wing" singer Billy Bragg as seen in the following tweets.

 Billy Bragg needs to do his research just a little better: Chris Huhne resigned his seat as an MP after his conviction for perverting the course of justice over an attempt to avoid a speeding fine. I've never heard of MPs being "re-instated" or "instated" for that matter. They are elected by their constituency. Who did Bragg think had the power to "re-instate" Huhne?

## Billy Bragg was an ardent supporter of Tony Blair and his ghastly Blairites who embraced Thatcherism and shifted Britain further to the right than it has ever been.